We bring value to what seemed to have no purpose.

Our specialized team transforms 100% of the co-product into high quality products through an exclusive technology.


BluestOne is committed to preventing damage to the environment, which is why our policy is based on zero waste. Every co-product that enters through our gates is transformed and returned to society.

To complement this task, we add sustainable practices that help us to save resources and protect nature.

No water waste

All water used in the co-product classification and separation process is reused.

Safety and quality

The Green Metal processed by us contributes to safer and more sustainable civil constructions.

Less carbon in the account

The Green Metal and our own fleet reduce your company's total carbon footprint.

Renewable energy
with solar plants

We have the goal of installing three solar plants at our company, two on roofs and one on the ground, which will supply us and reduce the use of electricity during operations.

Solar plant 1

Area of 1,219 sqm Rated power 226KWp Generation of 27,100 KWh/month Return: 2.83% in 35 months

Solar plant 2

Area of 2,115 sqm Rated power 226KWp Generation of 27,100 KWh/month Return: 1.87% in 35 months

Solar plant 3

Area of 4,230 sqm Rated power 452KWp Generation of 54,204 KWh/month Return: 0.88% in 114 months

Safe production and
high class

All our processes and equipment are constantly evaluated so that they are always effective, practical, and completely safe for employees.

This is exactly why our Green Metal and other products have the highest quality and technology in their composition.


With the industrial park having 13 facilities, our company is a reference in a modern and efficient structure.

The warehouses for storage and production have a covered area capacity of 60 thousand tons. To fill all this space, we invested in our own fleet that will look for the co-product.

The center of

The laboratory was created by an industrial laboratory development team, eliminating any potential risk in the activities, and ensuring complete safety for our employees.

The equipment has unique technology that strengthens our commitment to the constant search for new ways to transform co-products into sustainable products for the world.

We follow ABNT, NBR, NR's and applicable laws.

We analyze and qualify the samples, separating them by application.

Equipped with unique technology that accurately measures elements in samples.

Team composed of highly qualified scientists for materials analysis.

Where do the byproducts
come from?

The processing of materials involves extracting and treating ores, with only 2% of the collected material being usable raw material, while the remaining 98% constitutes byproducts.

BluestOne is committed to maximizing the efficiency of its industrial processes, reducing waste, and promoting more sustainable production practices by transforming waste into valuable new products.


Samples of the collected byproducts are placed into our high-precision tool, enabling detailed analysis of the materials.


With our technologies, the samples are analyzed quickly and with minimal use of consumables, evaluating the properties and potential for reusing the byproducts.


These materials are meticulously separated to identify those that can be transformed into Green Metal, a critical component for fostering more sustainable and environmentally friendly industrial processes.


What is
left over?

Everything that could not become Green Metal is separated by its form, chemical composition, and possible application:

ECO Mix Cement

Advantage: Value, high quality, and resistance.
Used for: Industrial works.


Advantage: Value, high quality, and performance.
Application: Plantations in general.


Advantage: Value, high quality, and resistance.
Fits: Industrial applications.

Make the world a bluer place

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