Privacy Policy

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Bluestone’s Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is designed to reaffirm BluestOne’s commitment to the security and privacy of information collected from users of its products and services. The information below explains how BluestOne collects and handles your individual data:

  1. Any information provided by users will be collected through ethical and legal means, and stored according to information security standards and confidentiality;
  2. All information collected from users is securely transmitted using standard Internet encryption;
  3. The personal information required in the user identification processes are provided for by law and/or specific regulations. Additional data may be requested for user identification, to access the application or restricted content and/or services, or to improve the services provided and user experience;
  4. Awareness of the terms of use will be requested, as well as prior authorization for data collection from users, and it will be their responsibility to send the mandatory information;
  5. Unless a legal or judicial order is issued, user information will never be transferred to third parties or used for purposes other than those for which it was collected;
  6. Access to collected information is restricted to BluestOne for the proper use of such data. Improper use of such information shall be subject to the penalties provided by law;
  7. Our sites contain links to other external sites whose contents and privacy policies are the responsibility of their creators;
  8. Suppliers and service providers agree to take all necessary and appropriate measures to maintain the confidentiality of user information and BluestOne’s proprietary confidential information, and shall notify BluestOne in a timely manner of any loss, duplication, alteration, or disclosure of confidential information, as well as any violation or misuse of such information by anyone who has been engaged for the purposes hereof.
  9. BluestOne makes available to its users the customer service channel, to clarify any doubts.

This policy is subject to occasional updates due to our commitment to continuous improvement, and we recommend that you review it periodically.