Saltinho +Verde

Learn about the environmental education project for students in Saltinho and BluestOne's reforestation work near the springs.

Working for a bluer future

The Saltinho region has suffered from insufficient supply of water for years due to the deforestation of its springs. Water insecurity has become a recurring problem and more than 60% of the city’s water supply comes from groundwater because of the dry springs. We must help the city, our home!

To this end, we created the Saltinho +Verde project, which aims to restore the headwaters of the Ribeirão Campestre micro-basin, which flows into the Ribeirão Piracicamirim and Córrego Saltinho, also benefiting the surrounding areas.

We are working on reforestation near these springs, so that the groundwater is recharged with rainwater. This way, in the medium term, the water will flow again and increase the level of the reservoir, providing more security to the population.

To mark the start of the project, we held a symbolic planting with students from the Manoel Dias de Almeida State School, the mayor and other city authorities. The event was broadcast on the Terra da Gente program, showing the importance of this action for the community.

In addition, we visited the ZooParque in Itatiba – SP, a zoo that works with the pillars of a modern zoo, such as animal welfare, maintenance and reproduction under human care, the reintroduction of endangered species into the wild and environmental education.

Through a guided tour, the students met a wide variety of species, learned about biology, behavior, and the importance of animals for nature and human beings.

We finished the project by visiting the Natural History Museum “Viagem pela Evolução e Biodiversidade do Mundo”, a great immersion in the history of the evolution of the world’s biodiversity.

The highlight of our project was the creation of a Podcast about our experiences and the importance of these themes for society. The young people were in charge, making it more meaningful for them to be the protagonists of learning and those who will transform the world.

To eternalize this action, we created a booklet describing all the moments we spent together, as well as tips on good practices for living in harmony with nature. Download it now and find out more about Saltinho +Verde.

Download sheet

Everyone will be able to follow this project through our Podcast Eixo 23º web series, which will show every detail of the action carried out. Access the episodes on the BluestOne Brasil YouTube channel.

Working alongside the population, we are creating a future full of trees and inspiration.