We make the world
a bluer place so that there is more life

We recover environmental liabilities by transforming by-products, coproducts, and solid waste into high-performance products.

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About us

The largest recovery and management company of by-products, coproducts and solid waste in Latin America

We are the only company in Brazil that transforms 100% of environmental liabilities (by-products, coproducts and solid waste) into high-quality, high-performance products for various segments (automotive industry and technical applications, such as welding and abrasive electrodes, fertilizers, etc.).

Our purpose

We are the best for a better world

Our planet can keep up with social and technological evolution without having to suffer for it. Through qualified treatment, the materials generated by us positively impact both industries and the environment.

We are interconnected and interdependent. Through collaboration with large multinational industries, we have a process that identifies and studies the economic viability, as well as the technique of using their by-products, coproducts and solid waste inherent to their production processes. Together, we take care of our planet, transforming potential environmental liabilities into biodiversity restoration with part of the economic success of these collaborations, acting in the present so that we may have a future.

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  • 100%

    of environmental liabilities recovered

The process

Pioneering a more sustainable industry

With our unique technology, we transform by-products into high-performance products. Every drop of water is used in the recovery and utilization of raw materials, and most part of the energy comes from our solar plants. We have the commitment and competence to maintain maximum green processes that don’t affect nature and respect life.


Recover, transform and reuse

BluestOne values and prioritizes the well-being of nature, emitting near zero carbon levels and completely restoring everything that would be discarded. All environmental liabilities are recovered, transformed and reused, leaving nothing behind that could affect our world.

With the 0-waste policy, we collaborate with a healthier planet.

We innovate with clean energy

In our infrastructure, we apply solar plants on the roofs and on the ground, which supply the entire company and decrease the levels of electric energy use, prioritizing a renewable source.

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Commitment to people’s safety

A team of industrial specialists created our work environment, keeping safety in first place and followed by efficiency according to ABNT, NBR, NR’s and WHO norms and legislation.

We calculate very precisely all elements present in the environmental liabilities, analyzing everything in a short time and reducing the use of consumables. Thus, we guarantee good quality, in addition to the safety of our operation.


What if the industry was different?

To keep our purpose of caring for the world, we also need to care for those around us.

BluestOne’s ESG policy maintains ongoing support for employees, encouragement of the cities that are our home, and environmental protection of natural areas and animals that need special attention.

Constantly regulated by the responsible bodies, our ESG policy is always evolving, developing processes that are safe and conscientious for both people and the environment.

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How we

Transforming environmental liabilities into raw materials for society

We do the complete classification and refining process to obtain environmentally safe products in a sustainable way for companies.

This treatment uses unique technology combined with practical and innovative solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, our company performs the procedure with safety and know-how, making our operations successful.


For a world in harmony

We must always remember that the planet is our home and we are capable of transforming it into a welcoming home for everyone, making this change reach society and the environment. We support more and more the projects that take care of biodiversity, as well as bring the human being closer to nature, also helping their own development and that of their city.

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  • Rodovia Cornélio Pires SP-127, KM 51, Saltinho, São Paulo (SP) 13440-970, BR
  • contato@bluest.one